Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens when children are at the Out of School care?

Whilst in the Out of School Care the children will have the opportunity to participate in many different activities. Staff and children plan activities for all ages and stages of development and include all the different interests that the children may have. These activities will include sports and games, arts and crafts, dance and drama and in the holidays there will be trips and outings arranged to give the children the opportunity to explore new and interesting places.

Do the children get a snack?

During term time all children will be offered snack soon after their arrival from school. During holidays there will be a morning breakfast snack and an afternoon snack. All snacks will have healthy elements for children to choose from, and milk, water or juice as a drink.

Who will be looking after the children in the Out of School care?

Each Connect 2 Out of School care Unit has an enthusiastic staff team to ensure the highest quality childcare is provided for everyone who attends. Our team uses their experience and knowledge to involve the children in as much of the running of the service as possible. This ranges from short term planning of snacks and activities to long term planning of trips, outings and holiday activities.

Are all the Connect 2 staff qualified?

All staff members in the Connect 2 team are registered with the Scottish Social Services Council, as a part of this registration they must either hold a relevant childcare qualification or be working towards one. Another part of this registration is continuous self-development and staff must attend training courses throughout the year. Staff are also required to be trained in first aid, child protection and food hygiene as standard.